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Contact Us About FOIA

If you have questions about submitting a request for pesticide information, the status of your request, or about information that may be or was withheld from disclosure, contact your FOIA Caseworker. Please include your request identifier in your email.

If you have concerns, compliments, complaints, or suggestions for enhancing our service, please contact Calvin Furlow, Public Information and Records Integrity Branch Chief.

OPP FOIA Contacts:

FOIA Branch Chief:
Calvin Furlow (furlow.calvin@epa.gov) - (703) 305-5229.

FOIA Team Leader:
Earl Ingram (ingram.earl@epa.gov) - (703) 305-5456.

FOIA Attorney-Advisor:
Aaron Wieczorek (wieczorek.aaron@epa.gov) (703) 347-0202

FOIA Caseworkers:
Devenchi Arnold (arnold.devenchi@epa.gov) - (703) 305-5698.
Janet Bressant (bressant.janet@epa.gov) - (703) 305-6445.
Ana Espinoza (espinoza.ana@epa.gov) (703) 347-0102.
Sharon McBride (mcbride.sharony@epa.gov ) - (703) 305-5232.
Gibbs Moore (moore.gibbs@epa.gov) (703) 605-0195.
LaShonia Richardson (richardson.lashonia@epa.gov) (703) 305-5301.
Kimberly Smith (smith.kimberly@epa.gov) - (703) 305-6434.

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