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Submit a FOIA Request

Question on FOIA?

You may submit a FOIA request for OPP records at https://FOIAonline.regulations.gov

Note in submitting a FOIA request:

  1. Your FOIA request will not be processed without your name and mailing address. Include your email address and telephone number to improve response time.
  2. Read the Guide for FOIA Requesters before making a request under FOIA.
  3. Be as specific as possible in identifying the records you want. Information to provide includes:
    1. chemical name, pc code, EPA registration number, MRID number
    2. scientific discipline, regulatory or science division
    3. document type and document date or date range
    4. To speed completion of your request, include the statement:"This request does not encompass any information which may be entitled to confidential treatment, or which otherwise may be exempt from disclosure under FOIA"
  4. All FOIA requests are a matter of public record and may be placed in the Agency's public files.
  5. Due to a variety of circumstances, some records cannot be made fully accessible under Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (as amended in 1998), therefore, if a person requesting a document needs accommodations due to a disability, additional assistance is available. The following three individuals serve as direct contacts by email and telephone to assist individuals who may need information not accessible to them:

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