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EPA's mission related to pesticides is to protect public health and the environment from risks posed by pesticides and to promote safer means of pest control.

The information in this area provides an overview of EPA's pesticide human health risk assessment processes. It also describes EPA's efforts to reduce risks for workers and the public, as well as to protect the public from such pests as mosquitos.

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Human Health Issues
How EPA reviews safety of pesticides
Human Health Risk AssessmentsHow EPA Assesses RiskCumulative Risk AssessmentResidue Limits on FoodPesticides on Food,  more...

Protecting Children
Ways to reduce risks to children from pesticides
Protecting Children from PesticidesTen Tips to Protect Children from PoisoningsPoison Prevention,  more...

Protecting Pets

Protecting Workers
Information for people who use or are exposed to pesticides on the job
Worker Protection StandardRestricted Use PesticidesCertification & Trainingother resources,  more...

Using Pesticides Safely
Suggestions for the public on pesticide safety
Reading a Pesticide LabelCitizen's Guide to Pest Control and Pesticide SafetyProtect Your HomeProtect Your Kids,  more...

Public Health Issues
Information on control of designated public health pests
Public Health PestsSpray DriftPesticides in Drinking WaterAnthraxControlling Mosquitos,  more...

Illegal Pesticide Products
Information on several unregistered pesticide products being illegally marketed in various areas of the country
Insecticidal Chalk Willie Colon on Illegal Pesticides,  more...

Reducing Pesticide Risk
Registering lower risk pesticides and more
BiopesticidesReview of Older PesticidesIntegrated Pest Management,  more...

Emergency Information
Responding to poisoning and spill incidents
Human Exposure/First AidSpillsIncident Reporting

Additional resources for health and safety information
Government AgenciesNon-Governmental OrganizationsDatabases, more...

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