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Prevent Poisonings in Your Home

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What’s the danger?

In 2012, poison centers answered more than 3.4 million calls. That’s one call every 8 seconds. According to the American Association of Poison Centers, children younger than 6 years old account for about half of the calls placed to poison centers. Although poison center data reported a drop in pesticide-related calls from 146,000 to 145,000, EPA urges the public to remain vigilant in their poison prevention efforts. These figures show the need for everyone to lock up pesticides and household chemicals out of children’s reach – preferably in a high cabinet.

EPA observes National Poison Prevention Week Exit EPA disclaimer each year to increase awareness of the danger to children of poisonings from pesticides and household products.

What chemical-containing products are in your home?

Household products should be kept in a locked cabinet and out of children’s reach. Common products that could seriously harm a child if ingested include:

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What can you do to prevent poisonings?

Poisoning incidents can be prevented if parents and caregivers remember to lock up products that could potentially harm children. Yet, an EPA study found that among households with children under the age of five, nearly half stored pesticides in an unlocked cabinet, within reach of children. Poisoning incidents are preventable.

Simple steps you can take to prevent poisonings from occurring in your home:

Poison Prevention Do’s

Poison Prevention Don’ts

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Poison prevention resources

To raise awareness of how to prevent poisonings and exposures to household cleaners and pesticides, the following free poison prevention resources are available:

Protect your children

Protect farm worker families

Educate your local community

Don't buy illegal pesticides

Read household product labels

Store household products safely

Check your home to prevent poisonings

For more information on Poison Prevention Week, visit Poisonprevention.org Exit EPA disclaimer

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