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Repellency Awareness Graphic

insect repellent label showing protection times for mosquitoes and ticks
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EPA is proposing a new repellency awareness graphic for product labels of skin-applied insect repellents to communicate the repellency time for mosquitos and ticks. Use of the graphic by manufacturers will be voluntary and available for qualifying companies.

Current labeling of skin-applied insect repellent products does not allow for easily identifying the insects repelled by a product and the amount of time a product will repel insects. Over the past few years, EPA has held focus groups, gotten input through an on line survey, and worked with manufacturers and others to create this graphic. EPA recently accepted public comments on the graphic, which are available for viewing at docket number EPA-HQ-OPP-2013-0406.  Thank you to those who commented on the graphic! Your input will help guide our work.

Look for the graphic to appear on skin-applied insect repellent labels as early as next year!


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What Does the Graphic Look Like?

You may see one of three versions of the graphic on a product label showing mosquitoes, ticks, or mosquitoes and ticks are repelled.
insect repellent bottle with expanded symbol protection information options

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Benefits of the Graphic

  1. Protection
  2. Information
    • The graphic will identify the type of pest the product is expected to repel and the amount of time the repellent will be effective. The repellency awareness graphic will be available only for skin-applied insect repellent products.
    • You may see one of three versions of the graphic on a product label showing that mosquitoes, ticks, or mosquitoes AND ticks are repelled.

      The Repellency Awareness graphic will provide clear information about repellency on a product label to help you choose an insect repellent.
      arrows pointing to parts of an insect repellent protection symbol along with brief description

  3. Choice
    • Some repellents work longer than others. Choose a product with a protection time that works for your expected activity.

  4. Confidence
    • The number(s) shown in the graphic represent typical protection time(s).
    • Protection time(s) are based on multiple, reliable studies. Products with this graphic have gone through an extra review by EPA.

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How Can A Company Participate?

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