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A Crossword Puzzle from "Did you know...?" Facts
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crossword puzzle
1.    The name of a "beneficial insect".
4.    Contains a pigment. Commonly used on the walls in your house.
7.    A type of househould product that kills bacteria.
9.    A chemical used to change the freezing temperature of water.
10.   Generic name for a chemical that is harmful to your health. Some are man-made, others occur in nature.
11.   A type of chemical that makes it hard for bacteria to grow.
12.   A natural pesticide that was discovered by African tribal people.

2.     A household product that works by "surrounding dirt".
3.     An organism that is also a pesticide.
5.     The term used to describe chemicals not made by natural processes.
6.     The name of a substance composed of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen.
8.     Term used to describe chemicals that kill insects.

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