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Ordering analytical standards from the National Pesticide Standard Repository

The EPA National Pesticide Standard Repository distributes analytical standards to U.S. Federal, State and Tribal laboratories involved in performing environmental, food, or product monitoring for the enforcement of United States federal and state pesticide laws such as FFDCA and FIFRA. The analytical standards in our repository are supplied to the EPA by pesticide registrants as a condition of product registration and we are only able to provide these materials to qualified enforcement laboratories. We are unable to send these materials to foreign or domestic research laboratories or foreign enforcement laboratories other than the government enforcement laboratories of NAFTA nations.

If you do not qualify to receive standards from our Repository, we suggest that you contact a commercial supplier of analytical standards or request help directly from the pesticide manufacturer.

To request a standard use:

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Questions? Contact pesticide_standards@epa.gov (pesticide_standards@epa.gov)

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