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Petitions Filed to Establish New Exclusive Use Periods for a Specific Commodity

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Current as of September 2013

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Petitions Filed to Establish a New Exclusive Use Period for a Specific Commodity- FIFRA § 3(c)(1)(F)(vi)

Chemical Petition Date Request Received EPA Response Date of Response Granted/Denied End Date for Exclusive Use
Difenoconazole PDF (20 pp, 3.69 MB)
PDF (21 pp, 4.5 MB)
PDF (4 pp, 120k)

PDF (7 pp, 681k) 8/29/2013 Granted 10/3/2016 AND 12/18/19
Fenpropathrin PDF (4 pp, 610k) 3/15/2005 PDF (4 pp, 977k) 9/25/2006 Denied -
Halosulfuron PDF (2 pp, 389k) 6/3/2009 PDF (4 pp, 786k) 9/10/2009 Denied -
Quinoxyfen PDF (3 pp, 1.3 MB)
7/2/2008 PDF (3 pp, 191k) 9/25/2009 Denied -

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