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2000-2001 Pesticide Market Estimates: Producers and Users

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4.1  Pesticide Producers and Users

Table 4.1 lists estimates of the number of firms that are pesticide producers, formulators, and distributors. Table 4.2 lists estimates of farm land, acres harvested, and the number of farms using pesticides and fertilizers. Table 4.3 lists estimates of the number of pest control firms and certified pesticide applicators. Table 4.4 lists estimates of the number of households using pesticides.

Table 4.1
The Number of U.S. Pesticide Producers,
Formulators, and Distributors
Major Basic Producers 18
Other Pesticide Producers 100
Major National Formulators 150-200
Other Pesticide Formulators 2,000
Major Distributors and Establishments 250-350
Other Distributors and Establishments 16,900

Source: EPA estimates based on EPA proprietary data.

Table 4.2
Land in Farms, Land Harvested, Number
of Farms, and Farms Using Pesticides
Land in Farms (acres)
Land Harvested (acres)
Total Number of Farms
Total Number of Farms with Cropland
Total Number of Farms with Harvested Cropland
Number of Farms Using Chemicals for:
    Insects on Crops/Hay
    Diseases on Crops/Orchards
    Defoliation/Fruit Thinning
    Any or all of the above
    Any or all of the above plus fertilizer

Source: 1997 USDA Census of Agriculture ,
2003 USDA Agricultural Statistics. M = million

Table 4.3
Number of Commercial Pest Control Firms
and Number of Certified Applicators
Commercial Pest Control Firms
Private (1) Certified Applicators
Commercial (2) Certified Applicators

Source: Estimates based on 1992 EPA National Home and Garden Pesticide Use Survey and 2001 EPA estimates of the number of certified private and commercial pesticide applicators.
(1) Private certified applicators refers primarily to individual farmers.
(2) Commercial certified applicators refers to professional pesticide applicators.

Table 4.4
Number of U.S. Households Using Pesticides
Pesticide Type U.S. Households
Insecticides 59 Million
Fungicides 14 Million
Herbicides 41 Million
Repellents 53 Million
Disinfectants 59 Million
Any Pesticides 78 Million
Note: In 2000, the U.S. Census Bureau estimated the U.S. population to be 281.4 million and 105.5 million households.
Source: EPA estimates based on 1992 EPA National Home and Garden Survey and 2000 U.S. Census Bureau population estimates exit EPA disclaimer.
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