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1998-1999 Pesticide Market Estimates: Table of Contents (Sections)

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Table of ContentsIntroductionSalesUsageProducers & UsersHistorical DataGlossary
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Section 1   Introduction, Authors and Acknowledgments
Section 2   1998 and 1999 Sales
  Section 2.1 World and U.S. Pesticide Expenditures
  Section 2.2 Value of U.S. Pesticides: Produces
  Section 2.3 U.S. Pesticide Expenditures: Users
  Section 2.4 U.S. Pesticide and Farm Expenditures
Section 3   1998 and 1999 Usage
  Section 3.1 World and U.S. Pesticide Volume Used
  Section 3.2 U.S. Pesticide Supply: Producer Level
  Section 3.3 U.S. Pesticide Volume Used: Total
  Section 3.4 U.S. Pesticide Amount Used: Conventional
  Section 3.5 Share of U.S. Pounds of Conventional Pesticide Active Ingredients Used in the Agricultural and Non-Agricultural Market Sectors
  Section 3.6 Most Commonly Used U.S. Conventional Pesticide Active Ingredients in the Agricultural Market Sector
  Section 3.7 Most Commonly Used U.S. Conventional Pesticide Active Ingredients in the Non-Agricultural Sectors
  Section 3.8 U.S. Organophosphate Insecticides Amount Used
  Section 3.9 U.S. Pesticide Amount Used: Other
  Section 3.10 U.S. Pesticide Amount Used: Specialty Biocides and Chlorine/Hypochlorites
Section 4   Producers and Users
  Section 4.1 Pesticide Producers and Users
Section 5   Historical Data
  Section 5.1 Annual U.S. Expenditures on Pesticides: 1980-1999
  Section 5.2 Annual Amount of Pesticides Used: 1980-1999
Section 6   Glossary
List of Tables
List of Figures
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