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Pesticide Program Dialogue Committee Meeting Agenda

October 7-8, 2008
Conference Center -- Lobby Level
2777 S. Crystal Drive (One Potomac Yard South)
Arlington, Virginia 22202

Tuesday, October 7

9:00-9:10        Welcome and Opening Remarks

James Gulliford, Assistant Administrator, OPPTS

Debbie Edwards, Director, Office of Pesticide Programs

9:10-9:20       Introductions

9:20-9:50        SESSION I – Endocrine Disruptors

Session Chair: William Jordan, Senior Policy Advisor, OPP, OPPTS

Gary E. Timm, Office of Science Coordination & Policy, OPPTS

9:50-10:40         SESSION II – Endangered Species

Session Chair: Donald Brady, Director, Environmental Fate & Effects Division

10:40-10:50         Break

10:50-11:45         SESSION III – PPDC Work Group on Comparative Safety Statements for Pesticide Product Labeling

Session Chair: Marty Monell, Deputy Director, Office of Pesticide Programs

11:45-1:00        LUNCH

1:00-1:45         SESSION IV – Resources/Funding Status

Session Chair: Marty Monell, Deputy Director, OPP

1:45-2:15         SESSION V – Performance/Outcome Measures

Session Chair: MaryAnn Petrole, Chief, Financial Management & Planning Branch

2:15-3:15         SESSION VI – USDA Updates on NASS, PSEP, and IPM-PIPE


       Presenter: Mark Miller, Environmental & Demographic Statistics, USDA, NASS

Pesticide Safety Education Program (PSEP)

       Presenters: Dr. Amy Brown, PSEP Coordinator, University of Maryland

       Dr. James Parochetti, PSEP National Program Leader, USDA, CSREES

IPM-Pest Information Platform for Extension & Education (IPM-PIPE)

       Presenter: Dr. Martin Draper, National Program Leader, USDA, CSREES

3:15-3:30         Break

3:30-4:30         SESSION VII -- Pollinator Protection

Report on Pollinator Issues

      Presenter: Dr. Thomas Steeger, Senior Advisor, Environmental Fate & Effects Div.

CCD Update by USDA

      Presenter:  Dr. Jeffery Pettis, Research Leader, Bee Research Lab, USDA, ARS

4:30-5:00         Public Comment

5:00                  Meeting Adjourns

Wednesday, October 8 - Day #2

9:00-10:00         SESSION VIII – Incident Data

Session Chair: Anne Overstreet, Chair, OPP’s Pesticide Incident Workgroup

10:00-10:45         SESSION IX – Brief Updates

* Volatilization

    Session Chair: Jack Housenger, Associate Director, Health Effects Division

* Pesticide Usage Information
                                    * Resistance Management

    Session Chair: Richard Keigwin, Director, Biological & Economic Analysis Division

* Regulatory Update

    Session Chair: Bill Diamond, Director, Field & External Affairs Division

10:45-11:15         SESSION X – PPDC Work Group on 21st Century Toxicology/New Integrated Testing Strategies

Session Chair: Vicki Dellarco, Senior Science Advisor, OPP

Presenter: Elizabeth Brown, Steptoe & Johnson

11:15-11:30         SESSION XI - PPDC Work Group on Web-Distributed Labeling

Session Chair: William Jordan, Senior Policy Advisor, OPP

11:30-11:45         SESSION XII – Planning for Next PPDC Meeting

Session Chair: Debbie Edwards, Director, OPP

11:45-12:00         Public Comment

12:00                     Meeting Adjourns

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