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Registration Review Update for the PPDC - October 7-8, 2008

The registration review program ensures that as science, public policy, and pesticide use practices change over time, pesticide products in the marketplace can still be used safely.  Through this reevaluation program, EPA is ensuring that all registered pesticides continue to meet the statutory standard for registration -- that is, they will not cause unreasonable risks to human health, workers, or the environment when used as directed on product labeling.

In implementing the registration review program, EPA is directed by FIFRA to review all registered pesticides at least every 15 years.  The registration review final rule became effective in October 2006, and the Agency began implementing the program in 2007.  By law, EPA must complete the first cycle of registration review by October 1, 2022, for all pesticides registered as of October 1, 2007.

Currently, 722 cases and 1,135 pesticide active ingredients are subject to registration review.  Over 40% of these cases were not subject to reregistration.  EPA plans to open about 70 dockets annually beginning in FY 2009 and continuing through 2017.

EPA posts a four-year schedule for pesticides beginning registration review on its Web site and updates this schedule annually.

Current Status

EPA is meeting all registration review targets consistent with overall program objectives.

Groups in Review

Certain groups of pesticides have been moved up in the schedule and are beginning registration review during the next 5 years.  For efficiency and consistency, EPA plans to review the pesticides in each of these groups within the same timeframe:

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