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Web-Distributed Labeling Workgroup

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April 2014

This page describes activities of the Web-Distributed Labeling Workgroup, which works through the Pesticide Program Dialogue Committee (PPDC) to ensure the most current version of pesticide labeling is available to purchasers and users electronically.

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Pesticide Registration Notice & Next Steps

In April 2014, EPA published a  Pesticide Registration Notice (13 pp, 2.7 MB) outlining the process by which registrants may make a product’s labeling available via the Internet (web-distributed labeling). More information on the Pesticide Registration Notice is available here.

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User Acceptance Pilot

Based on the input and advice of the PPDC Web-Distributed Labeling Workgroup, EPA conducted a "User Acceptance Pilot" to research the extent to which users would want to use a system enabling them to obtain labeling via the Internet. The specific goal of the pilot was to determine whether the benefits of web-distributed labeling would be sufficiently appealing to make users willing to visit a Web site to obtain labeling for a pesticide product. The pilot demonstrated how users could access labeling information using the website and did not involve the actual distribution to users of actual pesticide product labeling that would rely on the web-distributed labeling approach.

Learn more about the User Acceptance Pilot.

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Some current labeling problems exist due to a number of factors, including multiple goals for labeling; a paper-based submission, review and distribution system; product-by-product reviews by varying individual reviewers; changing standards of acceptability; resource constraints; and delay in getting new labels out to the public. These factors and others have made labeling complex and difficult to navigate for the public, users, states, registrants and other partners. Through stakeholder engagement, and internal and external review processes, we have developed a three-pronged approach to address these issues:

Our vision is to supply a streamlined system in which registrants will be able to submit product labeling electronically. The Pesticide Program will process the labeling internally using electronic means, and end-users will retrieve labeling via the Internet.

The last part of our projected process is to make the most current version of pesticide labeling available to purchasers and users electronically. To better define this issue, EPA and PPDC formed a workgroup. Members of this group met with stakeholders and drafted several issue papers. The issue papers capture as many perspectives as possible and outline legal and policy issues to be considered before developing a proposal to implement web-distributed labeling.

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Workgroup Focus

The Web-Distributed Labeling Workgroup discussed the following issues:

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Workgroup Members

Biopesticide Industry

Chemical Industry/ Trade Associations

Chemical Industry/ Trade Associations - Consumer Product Focus

State/Local/Tribal Government

Education/Public Foundation/Other

Environmental / Public Interest Groups

Federal Agencies

User/Grower Groups

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Meeting Dates & Issue Papers

For more information on EPA's activities on web-based distribution of pesticide labels and labeling contact Nicole Zinn (zinn.nicole@epa.gov), Michelle Arling (arling.michelle@epa.gov) or Bill Jordan (jordan.william@epa.gov).

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