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December 8, 2004 Minutes - PPDC Registration Review Workgroup Meeting

December 8, 2004
1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Background information is available on EPA's PPDC Registration Review Workgroup web page, http://www.epa.gov/oppfead1/cb/ppdc/, and in Docket # OPP-2004-0014.

PPDC Workgroup Members:

Patti Bright
Sue Crescenzi
Ray McAllister
Therese Murtagh
Peg Perrault (by phone)
George Wichterman (by phone?)

Other Public Participants:

Patrick McCain, Syngenta
Karen Warkentien, Compliance Services International
Phil Zahodiakin, Pesticide Insider

EPA Work Group Members and Participants:

Jay Ellenberger
Susan Lewis
Phil Ross (by phone)
Amaris Johnson
Ray Kent
Stephanie Plummer
Jennifer Slotnick
Deborah Smegal
Dana Spatz
Carol Stangel
Kendra Tyler

Review of Minutes from September 28, 2004, Workgroup Meeting

Minutes from the all-day workgroup meeting on September 28, 2004, were presented. Workgroup members were asked to review these minutes and contact Carol Stangel by cob Friday, December 17, 2004, with any comments or corrections. No changes were requested so the minutes were accepted as presented.

Discussion of Key Issues from October 21, 2004, Full PPDC Meeting

The following notes summarize remarks, suggestions and recommendations offered primarily by the non-EPA Registration Review Workgroup members who participated in the workgroup meeting on December 8, 2004, and an additional comment received in February 2005. EPA's Office of Pesticide Programs (OPP) will consider these recommendations in developing procedures for the registration review program.

A. Data Call-In's (DCIs)

B. Public Participation Procedures
What types of information would be helpful to stakeholders early in the process?
How/when should EPA inform the public of activity, such as issuing a DCI, that might occur after publishing the schedule but before the Agency places registration review information in the case docket? This time interval could be a year or more.
Need for flexibility – how to tailor opportunities for public participation to the circumstances? E.g., public participation for "E-Z off ramp" cases.
C. Emerging Issues/"Immediate Action" Chemicals
How to handle risks of concern as they emerge outside of registration review.
Next Steps

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