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PPDC Workgroup on 21st Century Toxicology/New Integrated Testing Strategies - March 3, 2009 Teleconference/Meeting - Presentation

Retrospective Cancer Analysis Overview: Cancer Assessment Review Committee


OPP requires two sexes, two species rodent carcinogen bioassay for registration of all food use pesticides (870.4200a, 870.4200b and 870.4300). Results of over 500 studies have been reviewed by OPP's Cancer Assessment Review Committee (CARC). Concerns have been raised during the last two decades that the large number of animals, resources and time required to complete the two species cancer bioassays may no longer be warranted. To determine whether we could use a reduced animal bioassay, a subset of the CARC initiated the comprehensive review of all pesticides determined to be carcinogenic. The intent of this review is to provide insight regarding the usefulness of standard carcinogen bioassays for OPP's pesticide program.

The reduced animal cancer bioassay concept is not new. Many investigators have considered this in previous journal publications. For example:


To determine whether reducing the two species testing to a single species (rat) would be sufficient for determining carcinogenic potential for pesticides and whether there are possible alternative approaches to the detection of potential carcinogenic pesticides.

Data Analysis/Method

A subset of CARC members (Vicki Dellarco, Robert Mitkus, Brenda May, Jess Rowland, PV Shah, and Mary Manibusan) reviewed the cancer database. Criteria for inclusion of pesticide carcinogenic classifications and CARC determinations:

Preliminary Results

Next Steps

  1. Society of Toxicology Poster #1495 Presentation (March 16-20th) Baltimore, MD.
  2. Consideration of alternative approaches (e.g., male rat and female mice combinations?)
  3. Weight of evidence approach to include additional data streams as they become available.
  4. Possible Scientific Journal Submission for Publication - Summer/Fall 2009.

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