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Pesticide Registration Improvement Extension Act (PRIA 3)
Fee Determination Decision Tree

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Below is the fee for your selected Fee Category for Fiscal Years 2014/2015

Action Code Description FY14/15
Decision Time
B611 New active ingredient; Experimental Use Permit application; petition to establish permanent tolerance exemption $ 12,156 12

Do you plan to request either of the following types of waivers?

50% waiver You pay ---->>>>> $ 6,078  
75% waiver You pay ---->>>>> $ 3,039  

To pay the fee shown above, go to http://www.pay.gov and follow the instructions.

How to submit your application directly to EPA.

Action Code Interpretation
An Experimental Use Permit (EUP) application for a microbial or biochemical pesticide product containing an active ingredient that is not an active ingredient in any currently U.S. registered pesticide product. The application proposes a food use. The use requires the establishment of an exemption from the requirement of a tolerance under section 408 of the FFDCA. The application must contain a petition to establish an exemption(s) from tolerance for all food/feed commodities covered by the pending registration application(s). . Examples of food uses include: use on foods, for example, corn or apples; aquatic uses involving potable water, irrigation, or requiring tolerances for fish, or shellfish; uses on areas where food may be grown or raised such as pasture, rangeland, home garden, beehive, and uses involving livestock, such as livestock housing, livestock dips, and livestock ear tags. The Agency will not accept a certification for crop destruct once the review clock has started. A change to a crop destruct application would require the applicant to withdraw their application and start the application process anew.

All of the inerts used in the product must be either approved or pending with the Agency for the applicable uses

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