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CLI Phase I Report: Table of Contents

Executive Summaryi
I. Introduction and Background1
II. Qualitative Research7
1. Introduction 7
2. Key Learning Objectives 7
3. Study Design 8
   Methodology 8
4. Key Findings 10
   General Findings 10
   Household Cleaners and Disinfectants 12
   Outdoor Pesticides 18
   Indoor Insecticides 26
   Combined Category User Interviews 31
III. Literature Review39
1. Consumer Understanding of Environmental, Health, and Safety Issues 40
   Consumer Knowledge about Environmental Issues 40
   Consumer Perception of Household Product Safety 41
2. Consumer Perception of Product Attributes 42
   Risk Perception 42
   Incorporating Risk Perception into Decision-making 43
3. Consumer Reaction to Labels 45
   Product Selection 45
   Product Use 47
   Product Storage and Container Disposal 51
   General Aspects of Precautionary Label Design 52
IV. Stakeholder Comments65
1. Comments Submitted in Response to the Federal Register Notice 65
2. Comments Submitted During the Development of Phase I of the CLI 73
V. Summary of Findings79
1. Findings from the Primary Qualitative Research 79
2. Findings from the Literature Review 81
3. Findings from Stakeholder Comments 82
4. Analysis of Findings 84
VI. Next Steps and Recommendations87
1. Recommendations for Quantitative Research and Supplementary
      Literature Review
2. Recommendations for Interim Label Improvement Measures 89
3. Recommendations for Agency Education and Planning Activities 90
Appendix A-Annotated Bibliography A-1
Appendix B-CPSC Annotated Bibliography A-9
Appendix C-Key Learning Objectives A-21
Appendix D-Decision Model A-23
Appendix E-Participant Screener for One-on-One Interviews-Indoor InsecticidesA-25
Participant Screener for One-on-One Interviews-Outdoor Pesticides A-29
Participant Screener for One-on-One Interviews-Household Cleaners A-33
Participant Screener for Combined One-on-One Interviews - Indoor Insecticides, Outdoor Pesticides, and Household Cleaners A-36
Appendix F-Discussion Guide for One-on-One Interviews - Indoor InsecticidesA-43
Discussion Guide for One-on-One Interviews - Outdoor Pesticides A-48
Discussion Guide for One-on-One Interviews -Household Cleaners A-53
Discussion Guide for Combined One-on-One Interviews - Indoor Insecticides, Outdoor Pesticides, and Household Cleaners A-57
Appendix G-Task Force MembersA-61
Appendix H-EPA PartnersA-63
Appendix J-Stakeholders Commenting on the Federal Register NoticeA-65
August Stakeholder Meeting Participants A-69
Stakeholders Submitting Written Comments During Phase I Development A-70
Appendix K-Peer ReviewA-73

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