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List of Appendices

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Appendix Name Page Number
1-1 List of Products Included in the CLI [PDF] 195
1-2 List of CLI Task Force Members [PDF] 199
1-3 List of CLI Partners [PDF] 203
1-4 List of CLI Stakeholders [PDF] 207
1-5 Members of the CLI Quantitative Research Subgroup - Core Group [PDF] 213
1-6 Members of Qualitative Subgroup [PDF] 217
1-7 Members of Standardized Environmental Information Subgroup [PDF] 221
1-8 Members of Storage and Disposal Subgroup [PDF] 225
1-9 Members of Consumer Education Subgroup [PDF] 229
2-1 Quantitative Research Screening Questionnaire [PDF] 235
2-2 Quantitative Research Telephone Questionnaires [PDF] 239
2-3 Quantitative Research Mock Labels [PDF] 269
2-4 Quantitative Research Mail Questionnaires [PDF] 277
3-1 Qualitative Research Telephone Recruitment Screening Questionnaires for Outdoor Pesticides, Indoor Insecticides, and Household Cleaners [PDF] 301
3-2 Qualitative Research Discussion Guides for Outdoor Pesticides, Indoor Insecticides, and Household Cleaners [PDF] 319
3-3 Signal Meter Mock Label [PDF] 337
3-4 Outdoor Pesticides Mock Label [PDF] 341
3-5 Household Cleaners Mock Label [PDF] 371
3-6 Indoor Insecticides Mock Label [PDF] 401
3-7 Drafts of "Read the Label FIRST!" Campaign Logo [PDF] 441
3-8 Open-ended Questions on Consumer Label Preference [PDF] 449
5-1 Pesticide Labeling Under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act [PDF] 455
5-2 First Aid Qualitative Research Participant Screener for 1-on-1 Interviews on Household Cleaners, Indoor Insecticides, and Outdoor Pesticides [PDF] 467
5-3 First Aid Qualitative Research Discussion Guide, Consumer Comprehension of the Proposed First Aid Statement Language [PDF] 475
6-1 North American Hazardous Materials Management Association (NAHMMA) Storage and Disposal Questionnaire for States [PDF] 479
7-1 CLI Kick-off Meeting Notes, Crystal City, VA, March 20, 1997 [PDF] 483
7-2 Summary of Partner and Task Force Meeting, February 17, 18, 1998 [PDF] 489
7-3 Highlights from CLI Partners and Task Force Meeting, Ramada Old Town, Alexandria, VA, September 23 and 24, 1998 [PDF] 527
7-4 Summary of the Partners and Task Force Meeting, April 7-8, 1999, Alexandria, VA [PDF] 539
8-1 List of Stakeholders Contributing Comments on CLI [PDF] 551
10-1 List of Commentors on the CLI Phase II Report Draft [PDF] 555

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