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Module 1: Label Basics

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  1. Label Basics
  2. Parts of the Label
  3. Special Issues
  4. Applying the Principles of Pesticide Label Review
  5. Emerging Issues and Course Completion

Module 1

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Section 2: Who are the stakeholders?

Key Points

Progress Check
  1. What does EPA examine during the registration process?
    The ingredients of a pesticide; the site or crop on which it is to be used; the amount, frequency, and timing of its use; health and environmental effects data; and storage and disposal practices.
  2. From where does EPA receive its authority to regulate pesticides?
  3. Do pesticide users have to follow state laws, federal laws, or both?
  4. Name one of the things pesticide enforcers ensure.
    [Any of the following are correct:]
    That pesticides are registered with EPA prior to sale and distribution.
    That pesticides are labeled properly.
    That pesticides are being used in accordance with the label.
  5. What is a restricted-use pesticide?
    A pesticide that must be applied by or under the direct supervision of trained and certified users.
  6. Why is it important for pesticide labels to have legally enforceable language?
    So that violators may be successfully prosecuted.

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