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Module 2: Parts of the Label

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  1. Label Basics
  2. Parts of the Label
  3. Special Issues
  4. Applying the Principles of Pesticide Label Review
  5. Emerging Issues and Course Completion

Module 2

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Section 2: What is on the back panel?

Back Panel Organization

The following diagram illustrates the order in which the back panel label parts usually appear. Note that not all of the following elements must appear on every label. For products subject to WPS, the precautionary statements and directions for use sections will contain additional statements pertinent to WPS, which will be addressed in Module 3 of this online training.

1. Precautionary statements, 2. Directions for use (if the product is a restricted use, pesticide, then this header will be followed by 'Restricted Use Pesticide' if the product is an RUP).  General not recommended. 2. Directions for (continued). 3. Storage and disposal. 4. Warranty statement (if registrant chooses to include one)


For a diagram that illustrates the typical format of a label subject to the Worker Protection Standard, see Chapter 3, Section VIII of the Label Review Manual (PDF) (17 pp, 887.88, About PDF).

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