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Module 3: Special Issues

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  1. Label Basics
  2. Parts of the Label
  3. Special Issues
  4. Applying the Principles of Pesticide Label Review
  5. Emerging Issues and Course Completion

Module 3

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Section 4: How should I review directions for use?

Learning Objectives
By the end of this section, you will be able to:
  • Distinguish between mandatory and advisory directions for use.
  • List and describe the three suggested formats for organizing information in directions for use.
  • Use the directions for use checklist.
  • Find additional resources for determining directions for use language.

Reviewing Directions for Use for Enforceability

When reviewing directions for use, it is critical to distinguish between statements that are intended to be enforceable and those that are included for informational purposes. If you aren't able to tell the difference, users and enforcement agents won't be able to either. The following list will help to eliminate some common enforceability problems in directions for use:


For more information on mandatory and advisory language, see Chapter 3, Section III of the Label Review Manual (PDF) (17 pp, 887.88, About PDF) and Pesticide Registration (PR) Notice 2000-5.

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