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Module 3: Special Issues

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  1. Label Basics
  2. Parts of the Label
  3. Special Issues
  4. Applying the Principles of Pesticide Label Review
  5. Emerging Issues and Course Completion

Module 3

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Section 1: What are precautionary statements?

Environmental Hazards Statement

The environmental hazards statement provides the precautionary language advising of the potential hazards to the environment from transport, use, storage, or spill of a product. These hazards may be to water, soil, air, beneficial insects, plants, and/or wildlife.

Environmental hazards statements should be located in the precautionary statements section of the label, under the subheading "Environmental Hazards."


For more information about environmental hazards statements, see Chapter 8 of the Label Review Manual (PDF) (16 pp, 714.66k, About PDF).

Physical and Chemical Hazards Statement

The physical and chemical hazards statement addresses flammability, explosive potential, and precautions. In addition, special hazard statements are required for certain fumigants.

These statements should appear immediately below the hazards to humans and domestic animals and environmental hazards statements in the precautionary statements section of the label, under the subheading "Physical or Chemical Hazards."


For more information about physical and chemical hazards statements, see Chapter 9 of the Label Review Manual (PDF) (8 pp, 811.09k, About PDF).

First Aid Statement

The first aid statement provides information to the pesticide user concerning appropriate first aid for the various routes of exposure in case of accidental exposure. First aid statements include instructions for the user, instructions for the physician, and a telephone number to call for emergency information.

First aid statements must appear on the front panel of the label for all products classified as Toxicity Category I. EPA may, however, permit reasonable variations in the placement of the first aid statement as long as the reference statement “See First Aid (or Statement of Practical Treatment) on [identify appropriate panel]” appears on the front panel, preferably near “Poison” and the skull and crossbones. First aid statements appear under either of the following headings: “First Aid” or “Statements of Practical Treatment.” EPA prefers the heading “First Aid.” First aid statements should be organized so that the most severe routes of exposure, as demonstrated by the toxicity classification, are listed first. Placing the first aid statements in a box is preferred.


For more information about first aid statements, see Chapter 7, Section III.F of the Label Review Manual (PDF) (18 pp, 933.36k, About PDF) and PR Notice 2001-1 (11 pp, 106K, About PDF).

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