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Module 4: Applying the Principles of Pesticide Label Review

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  1. Label Basics
  2. Parts of the Label
  3. Special Issues
  4. Applying the Principles of Pesticide Label Review
  5. Emerging Issues and Course Completion

Module 4

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Section 2: How should I use other resources to review for consistency with EPA policy?

Learning Objectives
By the end of this section, you will be able to:
  • Locate all pesticide registration notices.
  • Identify and locate other sources to consult to ensure that labels are consistent with EPA policy.

Pesticide Registration Notices

Pesticide registration (PR) notices are issued by EPA to inform pesticide registrants and other interested persons about important policies, procedures, and regulatory decisions. PR notices are interpretive tools that explain EPA's position on an issue and the rationale for it. They cannot be cited as legal requirements; however, they are subject to lengthy public comment periods and rigorous EPA review, and should be followed unless there is a clear reason not to. A PR Notice is not just guidance; it is EPA's preferred policy.


To access pesticide registration notices, visit EPA's Pesticide Registration Notices Web page.

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