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Cacodylic Acid

Chemical Review Manager: Tom Myers (myers.tom@epa.gov), 703-308-8589if there are any accesibility issues please call the chemical review manager.

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Arsenic Review Panel of the SAB

On July 24, 2005, EPA asked the Science Advisory Board (SAB) to review several documents assessing the cancer risks associated with exposure to organic and inorganic arsenic. The SAB is reviewing these documents in a public meeting on Sept 12-13, 2005 (PDF) (3 pp., 43 KB, About PDF). People can be exposed to both natural and man-made arsenic and arsenic-containing compounds through drinking water, food, soil and air. Additionally, humans are exposed to organic arsenic when they are used as pesticides (e.g., monomethylarsenic acid and dimethylarsenic acid or cacodylic acid). EPA provided a document for consideration by the SAB on the toxic mode of action for the development of bladder tumors in rats following exposure to cacodylic acid (dimethylarsenic acid).

EPA regulates various sources of environmental exposures to arsenic compounds including establishing national standards in public drinking water supplies under the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) and setting food tolerance limits as mandated by the Food Quality Protection Act (FQPA). EPA¬'s Office of Pesticide Programs is currently evaluating organic arsenic herbicides for reregistration eligibility and for food tolerance limits as mandated by FQPA. EPA¬'s Office of Water is investigating inorganic arsenic.

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The Office of Pesticide Programs provided the following document for the SAB review:

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