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Product Reregistration

Current as of April 2014

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Product reregistration is EPA's program for implementing reregistration eligibility decisions by ensuring that required risk reduction measures are reflected on pesticide product labels. EPA has completed its review of the safety of pesticide active ingredients registered before November 1984. These pesticides were reviewed under the Reregistration Program, and the results of EPAís reviews are summarized in Reregistration Eligibility Decision (RED) documents.

To initate the product reregistration process, after reviewing a pesticide active ingredient and issuing a RED, EPA sends pesticide producers, or registrants, a Data Call-In (DCI) notice requesting product-specific data and revised labeling. This information is needed to complete reregistration for each of the individual pesticide products covered by the RED. After reviewing product-specific data and updated labeling, EPA may reregister products that meet current standards.

Several outcomes are possible for a pesticide product completing this final phase of the reregistration process:

Goals and Status of Product Reregistration

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