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Safer Rodenticide Products

Non-chemical Rodent Control

Current as of March 2013

Rodenticide Products for Consumers

This Web page informs consumers about pesticide products to control mice and rats in and around the home while reducing risks to children, pets and wildlife. It also explains how to choose a rodenticide bait station product that is best for your household and includes links to information about other ways to prevent and control mice and rats in residential areas.

Cancellation Process for 12 D-Con Mouse and Rat Poison Products

This Web page provides information about EPA's ongoing regulatory action to cancel and remove from the market 12 D-Con mouse and rat poison bait products that fail to comply with EPA safety standards.

Additional Regulatory Information

For More Information

  • Rusty Wasem (wasem.russell@epa.gov), 703-305-6979if there are any accesibility issues please call the chemical review manager.
  • Media Inquiries - Dale Kemery (kemery.dale@epa.gov), 202-564-7839
  • Rodenticide Dockets at Regulations.gov
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