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Soil Fumigant Information for Communities

Questions on Soil Fumigations?

Current as of August 2013

Emergency Preparedness and Response Requirements

Although buffers and other mitigation will prevent many incidents, it is likely that some incidents will still occur due to accidents, errors, and/or unforeseen weather conditions. Early detection and appropriate response to accidental chemical releases is an effective means of reducing risk. Preparedness for these types of situations is an important part of the suite of measures necessary to avoid risks posed by fumigants.

Community Outreach and Education Programs

Registrants’ Information for Communities

The EPA required fumigant registrants to develop and implement community outreach programs to ensure that information about fumigants and safety is available in communities where soil fumigation occurs. Outreach programs help address the risk of bystander exposure by educating community members about

Pesticide registrants’ information for communities Exit EPA disclaimer

Registrants have also developed and distributed information for first responders and medical professionals to help them identify and appropriately respond to incidents of exposure to soil fumigants.

EPA Information for Communities

The EPA offers practical answers to questions about soil fumigation in your area.

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