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Progress and Status Reports

EPA's pesticide reregistration program is responsible for certain progress reports.

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Pesticide Reregistration Performance Measures and Goals

EPA publishes information annually describing its progress in meeting performance measures and goals for pesticide registration and tolerance reassessment. FIFRA as amended by the Food Quality Protection Act of 1996 requires the Agency to establish and publish in the Federal Register information about its annual achievements in these areas. The measures and goals include the status of reregistration, product reregistration, and tolerance reassessment. The notice gives numbers of pesticides and products reregistered, tolerances reassessed, Data Call-In notices issued, studies reviewed in support of reregistration, and products registered under the "fast track" provisions of FIFRA. The notice also contains the Agency's schedule for completing specific pesticide decisions during subsequent fiscal years.

The following reports are available:

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Rainbow Report

Status of Pesticides in Special Review and Reregistration (aka "Rainbow Report")(PDF) (561 pp, 6.5 MB, About PDF) - was current when released in 1998, and is provided for reference purposes.

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) Consent Decree Annual Reports

In September 2001, the Federal Court for the Northern District of California entered a Consent Decree to conclude litigation in the case, Natural Resources Defense Council v. Whitman. Under the Consent Decree, among other things, EPA is required to issue an annual report providing information on the steps that the Agency has taken to implement certain regulatory determinations that it is required to make by the Consent Decree.

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