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Training for Workers and Handlers

Training is at the core of EPA’s efforts to help agricultural workers and pesticide handlers better protect themselves and their families.

Read the details of the proposed changes and the rationale before you comment.

All your comments are welcome, but we have specific questions for you on changes to Training for Workers and Handlers.

A. Shorten Retraining Interval for Workers and Handlers

B. Establish Recordkeeping Requirements to Verify Training for Workers and Handlers

C. Require Employers to Provide Establishment-Specific Information for Workers and Handlers

D. Establish Trainer Qualifications

E. Expand the Content of Worker and Handler Pesticide Safety Training

vi. Respirator Fit-Testing and Medical Evaluation for Handlers.

F. Retain Audiovisual Presentations as Permissible Methods for Pesticide Safety Training

G. Eliminate Exception to Handler Training Requirements

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