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Personal Protective Equipment under the Current WPS

Duties Related to Personal Protective Equipment

Handler employers must do all of the following:

Cleaning and Maintaining PPE

Handler employers must do all of the following:

Replacing Respirator Filters, Cartridges, or Canisters

Handler employers must replace dust/mist respirator filters:

Handler employers must replace gas- and vapor-removing respirator cartridges or canisters:

Disposal of PPE and Instructions for Persons Who Clean PPE

Handler employers must discard coveralls or other absorbent materials that have been drenched or heavily contaminated with an undiluted pesticide that has the signal word "DANGER" or "WARNING" on the labeling. They must not be reused.

Handler employers must comply with any applicable Federal, State, Tribal, and local regulations when disposing of PPE that cannot be cleaned correctly.

Handler employers must inform people who clean or launder PPE:

Exceptions to PPE Requirements

Handler employers may allow handlers to omit some of the PPE listed on the pesticide labeling for a handling task if the handlers are:

For more information about when these exceptions apply and the associated requirements, see Chapter 5 of the How to Comply Manual.

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