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Restrictions After Pesticide Applications under the Current WPS

Worker employers must take the actions described below to protect workers after pesticide applications on agricultural establishments.

What is a restricted-entry interval?

The restricted-entry interval (REI) is the time immediately after a pesticide application when entry into the treated area is restricted. Some pesticides have one REI, such as 12 hours, for all crops and uses. Other pesticides have different REIs depending on the crop, method of application, or the post-application activity to be performed. When two or more pesticides are applied at the same time and have different REIs, the longer REI must be followed.

The REI is listed on the pesticide labeling under the heading "Agricultural Use Requirements" in the "Directions for Use" section of the pesticide labeling, or next to the crop or application method to which it applies.

What actions must an employer take regarding REIs?

Employers at agricultural establishments must keep workers out of a pesticide-treated area during the REI with only two exceptions:

Entry into treated areas during a REI is allowed to perform handling tasks as long as the persons entering such areas are trained and equipped as pesticide handlers and receive all other applicable WPS handler protections.

What does early entry with no contact mean?

After any inhalation exposure level listed on the product labeling has been reached or any WPS-specified ventilation criteria have been met, an employer at an agricultural establishment may permit workers into a treated area during an REI if they will not touch or be touched by any pesticide residues, including:

Avoiding contact by using personal protective equipment does not qualify as no-contact early entry.

No-contact early-entry workers do not have to be provided the special protections required for other early-entry workers.

The following are examples of situations where a worker would not be expected to contact pesticide residues in a treated area after sprays, dusts, and vapors have settled out of the air:

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