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Advisory Committees

EPA currently has three advisory committees on pesticides issues:

Committee to Advise on Reassessment and Transition (CARAT) - Provides advice on strategic approaches for pest management planning, transition, and tolerance reassessment for pesticides as required by the Food Quality Protection Act (FQPA). This committee builds on the work of its predecessor, the Tolerance Reassessment Advisory Committee (TRAC).

Pesticide Program Dialogue Committee (PPDC) - This Committee provides a forum for a diverse group of stakeholders to provide feedback to the pesticide program on various pesticide regulatory, policy and program implementation issues.

FIFRA Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP) - The panel provides scientific advice on pesticides and pesticide related issues as to the impact on health and the environment and acts as a peer review body for current scientific issues that may influence the direction of OPP's regulatory decisions.

Former Committees:

Food Safety Advisory Committee (FSAC) - FSAC was established when the Agency began the process of implementing FQPA. Its purpose was to provide stakeholders an opportunity to exchange information and ideas on regulations, policies and implementation issues with EPA. The committee met four times from September to December 1996. Additional information on the committee's membership and meeting agendas are available in the Office of Pesticide Programs Public Docket(Docket Number OPP-00450).

Tolerance Reassessment Advisory Committee (TRAC) - TRAC succeeded FSAC. It provided a forum for a diverse group of individuals representing a broad range of interests and backgrounds from across the country to consult with and make recommendations to the Administrator of EPA and the Secretary of Agriculture on matters relating to an approach for reassessing tolerances, including those for organophosphate pesticides, as required by the Food Quality Protection Act. Meeting information can be found on TRAC's web site.

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