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PRZM Field and Orchard Scenarios

***Please Read Before Unzipping and Using The PRZM Field and Orchard Scenarios***

The Office of Pesticide Program's Environmental Fate and Effects Division (EFED) developed a suite of "standard" PRZM field and orchard crop scenarios for use in aquatic and drinking water exposure assessments. Scenarios contained in this file were developed according to a set of quality control procedures outlined in "Guidance for Developing and Performing Quality Assurance and Quality Control of Existing and New PRZM Field and Orchard Crop Standard Scenarios." These procedures were reviewed and favorably commented on by the Office of Pesticide Programs' Science Advisory Panel during the "Organophosphate Pesticides: Preliminary OP Cumulative Risk Assessment" in February 2002 (http://www.epa.gov/oscpmont/sap/meetings/2002/index.htm#020502), a copy of these procedures can be found at this address.

In August 2002, EFED announced the availability of a second public comment period in a Federal Register Notice (FRL-7193-5) and created a docket for the submission of comments (OPP-2002-0182). The EFED received limited comments on the guidance for developing scenarios, but did receive numerous comments on the specific scenarios and their metadata file. Comments are currently undergoing review and response. Based on the response to comments, revisions to the scenarios, where appropriate, are likely. After completion of the review and subsequent revisions to the standard scenarios, an announcement will be made through EPA's Environmental Modeling Working Group list server of the availability of revised scenarios and metadata file. To join this list, sign up through the following location: https://lists.epa.gov/cgi-bin/lyris.pl and navigate to EMWGLIST.

Scenarios must be downloaded and unzipped into the PRZMenv subfolder of the Models directory on the users harddrive. Once the scenarios are located in this subfolder, the Pe4.pl Shell will access them and the user can select a scenario through a drop down list when the user clicks on the "PRZM Scenario" radio button on the Shell entry menu. The accompanying documentation "metadata file" is available as a reference for the scenario's parameters.

Additionally, users of these scenarios are encouraged to periodically visit this Web Page to download updated versions of this file. New scenarios are added periodically and will be provided through this Web Page on at least a quarterly basis.

PRZM crop scenarios (ZIP file 237 KB)

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