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EPA Plain Writing Initiative

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Plain Writing Act Annual Report
April 13, 2012

  1. Senior Agency Official for Plain Writing

Eric E. Wachter
Office of the Executive Secretariat
(202) 564-7960

  1. Training
    1. The EPA has an online training for all employees who produce documents for the public and for any employee who would like to be trained in plain writing.
    2. The EPA offers classroom workshops and training sessions for interested employees.
  2.  Ongoing compliance/sustaining change
    1. Each national-program and regional office has appointed a designated official for plain writing. See appendix.
    2. With institutional knowledge of the unique processes and various documents produced in their offices, these designated officials have implemented processes for ongoing compliance.
    3. These processes include communications officials’ approval of documents; multi-level managerial review for plain writing; designating plain-writing coordinators in individual offices; and refresher training courses.
    4. Many offices had existing plain-writing procedures already in place to satisfy existing executive order and administrative orders.
    5. The senior official for plain writing and the designated officials meet to oversee compliance.
  3.   Agency’s plain-writing website
    1. The EPA’s plain-writing website is www.epa.gov/plainwriting.
    2. The site is linked from www.epa.gov/open.



EPA Plain Writing Designated Officials

Office of Administration and Resource Management
Joanne Oxley

Office of the Administrator
Eric Wachter

Office of Air and Radiation
Wanda Farrar

Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance
Lynne Davies

Office of Environmental Information
Jonda Byrd

Office of the Chief Financial Officer
Gene Pontillo

Office of the General Counsel
Aditi Prabhu

Office of International and Tribal Affairs
Chris Hoff

Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention
Teresa Green

Office of Research and Development
Dayna Gibbons

Office of Water
Macara Lousberg

Region 1
Nancy Grantham

Region 2
Bonnie Bellow

Region 3
Terry White

Region 4
Bryan Myers

Region 5
John Peterson

Region 6
David Gray

Region 7

Region 8
Wendy Dew

Region 9
Kelly Zito

Region 10
Charles Bert

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