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EPA Plain Writing Initiative

Tools and Resources


PLAIN, the Plain Language Action and Information Network
PLAIN has been meeting informally since the mid 1990s. The goal is to promote the use of plain language for all government communications. Using plain language will save federal agencies time and money and provide better service to the American public.

The Plain Language Association International  Exit EPA Disclaimer 
Offers plain-language articles, writing tutorials, Web links, news, consultants, an email discussion group, membership, networking opportunities, professional conferences, and more.

CLARITY  Exit EPA Disclaimer 
International group of lawyers and interested lay people.  Its aim is the use of good, clear language by the legal profession.

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Federal Agencies

National Institute of Health (NIH): The Plain Language Initiative
The NIH Web page contains many resources to help writers achieve plain language standards.

U.S. Department Of Transportation (DoT) Plain Language Resource Page
Helps people throughout DoT comply with the initiative to write in plain language.

Internal Revenue Service Plain Language Regulations
Links to regulations written using plain language December 2001 - present.

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Writing Reader-Friendly Documents
Source: Plain Language Action and Information Network (PLAIN)

The Plain Train: Plain Language Online Training Program  Exit EPA Disclaimer 
Source: Minister of Supply and Services, Canada

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Kimble, Joseph. Writing for Dollars, Writing to Please.
http://www.plainlanguagenetwork.org/kimble/dollars.htm  Exit EPA Disclaimer 

Kimble, Joseph. Answering the Critics of Plain Language.
http://www.plainlanguagenetwork.org/kimble/critics.htm  Exit EPA Disclaimer 

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