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Published Literature Relevant to the Issues Surrounding PPCPs as Environmental Contaminants

chemical structure of Galaxolide

Galaxolide (HHCB) is a synthetic musk, a member of one of the two major classes - - the polycyclic musks; the other class, not as widely used, is the nitromusks. Musks are commercially produced in very large quantities (thousands of tons per year worldwide), being used in a wide spectrum of consumer products that contain fragrance. Since musks are soluble in fat, they tend to partition to sewage sludge and can concentrate in certain biota.

The bibliographic citations on PPCPs compiled here were last updated 6 August 2015.

Two listings of citations to the published literature are available - each as a RTF and as a text file. The first listing comprises literature that is relevant to all aspects of PPCPs as environmental contaminants. These records compose the main PPCPs literature database. The second listing comprises a subset of the main database. These are relevant to the specific sub-topic of drug disposal and environmental stewardship.


[The files above can also be download as: PPCPs-DB.zip (13.45 MB)]

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