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Identification Of Ecological And Molecular Indicator Responses To Pharmaceuticals Under Simulated Field Conditions At The EPA Experimental Stream Facility

Project Purpose:
Identify community structural and functional responses of macroinvertebrate, periphyton and fish and a select number or molecular markers (gene expression assays or protein makers to environmental relevant concentrations of Pharmaceuticals and EDCs at EPA's Experimental Stream Facility (ESF). Information obtained from these exposures will be used to identify approaches and indicators to be used in stream ecosystems containing known sources of Pharmaceuticals. WWTP. CAFOs, etc.

Project Description(s):
Conduct exposures of key pharmaceuticals at ESF for 1-4 weeks using concentrations above at and below those reported in the literature in actual field situations. Monitor standard aquatic community measures, such as taxa richness, species composition, chlorphyl a, ash free dry mass, etc, fecundity endpoints in fish and select macroinvertebrate species. Conduct short term and longterm exposures with fish, invertebrates and amphibians, and assess changes in molecular markers. Ethynlyestradiol and Trenbolone exposures have been conducted. Future pharmaceuticals will be antibiotics.

Project Outcomes:
Seminar will be given in Feb 2007 presenting findings from EE2 and Trenbolone exposures. Subsequent Scientific Papers and presentations are expected.

Jim Lazorchak at lazorchak.jim@epa.gov

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