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Analytical Methods Development for 65 Ecologically Relevant Pharmaceuticals and Metabolites

Project Purpose:
Develop the analytical methods to detect 65 ecologically relevant pharmaceuticals and metabolites in water, sediment, and tissue for use in assessing laboratory and environmental exposures.

Project Description(s):
Evaluate sample volumes, sample preservation options, and extraction techniques for LC/MS/MS analyses in order to achieve the detection limits necessary to measure environmentally relevant or informatically predicted levels of the 65 pharmaceuticals in water, sediment, and tissues.

Project Outcomes:
Manuscript on LC/MS/MS and water extraction methods by the end of FY07. Manuscript on LC/MS/MS and sediment and tissue extraction methods by the end of FY08. FY10 Report on chemical methods developed for ecologically relevant pharmaceuticals.

Angela Batt at batt.angela@epa.gov

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