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Development of Molecular Indicators of Exposures for Pharmaceuticals and EDCs

Project Purpose:
Identify Molecular indicators (gene expression assays or protein makers) of exposure that can be used to assess existing or past exposures to Pharmaceuticals and EDCs in field and laboratory settings.

Project Description(s):
Genomic indicators such as gene expression and/or protein markers will be developed from laboratory exposures to pure chemicals and field samples, from field deployments near or within sources of pharmaceuticals. i.e. CAFOs, WWTPs and septic systems or from indigenous fish and invertebrates collected near sources of pharmaceuticals. We have started with estrogenic and androgenic pharmaceuticals, i.e. Ethynylestradiol and trenbolone. Future molecular marker development will be on representatives from other classes of the 65 pharmaceuticals identified in the informatic project.

Project Outcomes:
A select number of QPCR gene assays and protein methods (MS or ELISA based) that can be used on laboratory and/or field collected aquatic organisms. Existing QPCR methods have already been developed for Ethynylestradiol for fathead minnows and 6 other fish species.

Mitchell Kostich at kostich.mitchell@epa.gov

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