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Puget Sound

Air Research

Transboundary Air Quality
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Projects and Reports on Air Quality in the Puget Sound Georgia Basin

Characterization of the Georgia Basin/Puget Sound Airshed
The Characterization of the Georgia Basin/Puget Sound Airshed study was undertaken to characterize the air quality within a rapidly growing, urbanized area of the Pacific Northwest, the Georgia Basin/Puget Sound air basin. Growth within this region continues to put stress on the environment. Expansion of suburban development, increasing transportation demands and developments in the energy sector are just a few of the challenges faced in managing air quality in the area. The goal of the study was to establish a common understanding of the current status of and trends in air quality in the Georgia Basin/Puget Sound airshed.

Western Regional Air Partnership, Attribution of Haze Report
The Western Regional Air Partnership (WRAP) is a collaborative effort of tribal governments, state governments and various federal agencies to implement the Grand Canyon Visibility Transport Commission's recommendations and to develop the technical and policy tools needed by western states and tribes to comply with the U.S. EPA's regional haze regulations. The Attribution of Haze Report describes the emissions source categories and geographic source regions presently contributing to visibility impairment at each mandatory federal and tribal Class I area in the WRAP region. A significant cluster of Class I areas is within and adjacent to the PSGB airshed.

Web-based Ongoing and Completed Products

BlueSkyRains website
BlueSkyRains is a useful web resource that allows land managers, regulators, and the general public to view the potential smoke impacts from regional burning activities, including prescribed burning, wildland fires and agricultural burning in the Northwestern U.S.

AIRPACT (Air Indicator Report for Public Access and Community Tracking) website
AIRPACT provides real-time air-quality forecasts for the Puget Sound region. This information is especially important for people who have breathing difficulties related to air quality, so that they can plan their activities in a way that supports their good health.




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