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Quality Management Tools -
Quality Assurance for Environmental Technology Design, Construction, and Operation

Environmental technology is an all-inclusive term used to describe pollution control devices and systems, waste treatment processes and storage facilities, and site remediation technologies and their components that may be utilized to remove pollutants or contaminants from or prevent them from entering the environment. Environmental technology is utilized in many configurations and is applied to many environmental problems, including devices and systems used in environmental programs to duplicate environmental conditions for test purposes or to control, prevent, treat, or remediate waste in process discharges (e.g., emissions, effluents) or the ambient environment. Usually, this term will apply to hardware-based systems; however, it can also apply to general methods or techniques used for pollution prevention, source reduction, or containment of contamination to prevent further movement of the contaminants.

Users applying environmental technology to these problems should have an understanding of the basic quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) practices that may be needed in planning, implementing, and assessing the design, construction, and operation of environmental technology. The needs of the user community may vary from applying QA and QC to design activities to the construction and fabrication of equipment systems to the testing and operation of completed systems. Moreover, project managers should understand when and how QA and QC practices should be applied to engineering work, based on the range and scope of the needed environmental technology and its application.

The QA and QC practices necessary for environmental technology design and development are similar in function to those tools used for environmental data collection and use, but there are important differences in order to ensure that environmental technology performs as needed to resolve environmental problems.


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