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EPA Information Quality Guidelines - Requests for Correction (RFC) and Requests for Reconsideration (RFR) Submitted to EPA

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, available as a free download, to view the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more about PDF, and for a link to the free Acrobat Reader.

Requests for Correction (RFC) are listed in order of date received, with most recent requests at the top. Requests for Reconsideration (RFR) are listed with their associated RFC. Click on the tracking number (e.g., RFC 05001) to view the request.

"EPA Related Correspondence" refers to additional correspondence between the requestor and EPA.

"Third Party Correspondence" is correspondence that EPA receives about an RFC or RFR from other interested parties. EPA's policy is to post such third party correspondence but to keep it separate from the original RFC or RFR . For information about EPA's handling of this type of correspondence, see the Third Party Correspondence page.

  • EPAct Fuels Study
    RFC 15002 (PDF 281MB)
    This RFC concerns the EPActs Fuel Effects Study and is challenging how the data was used in the 2014 Motor Vehicle Emissions Simulator Model (MOVES2014).
    – Email dated 03/06/15; received 03/06/15
    EPA Response to RFC (PDF 35KB); issued 05/11/2015
  • Mercury and Air Toxics Standards
    RFC 15001 (PDF 193KB)
    :This RFC was submitted to ask EPA to resolve the conflict between the statements from the Mercury and Air Toxics rulemaking and EPA's earlier position of the accuracy of monitoring and sulfur dioxide under the Acid Rain program.

    – Email dated 02/23/15; received 02/23/15
    EPA Response to RFC (PDF 48KB); issued 06/24/2015
  • Artisan EHS Consulting, LLC
    RFC 12002 (Revision) (PDF 117KB)
    Subject: Calculations of reportable quantities for K170 and other listed hazardous wastes
    Email dated 11/14/11; received 11/14/11
    Received revised request with editorial changes on 11/29/11
    EPA Response to RFC (PDF 186KB); issued 02/14/2012

RFCs and RFRs (Submitted Fiscal Years 2002 - 2010)

  • Troy Chemical Corporation, Inc.
    RFC 10010 (PDF 178KB), RFC Attachment 1 (PDF 285KB)
    Subject: EPA’s 2008 Screening-Level Ecological Risk Assessment for the Newark Bay Study Area
    Email dated 09/17/10; received 09/17/10
    EPA Response to RFC (PDF 2795KB); issued 04/29/2011
  • Peabody Energy Company
    RFC 10008 (PDF 1.28MB)
    Subject: Endangerment and Cause or Contribute Findings for Greenhouse Gases under Section 202(a) of the Clean Air Act
    Email dated 07/30/10; received 07/30/10
    EPA Response to RFC (PDF 387KB); issued 11/24/2010
  • American Chemistry Council
    RFC 10007 (PDF 217KB)
    Subject: EPA’s Action Plan for Bisphenol A
    Email dated 08/02/10; received 08/02/10
    EPA Response to RFC (PDF 3330KB); issued 06/27/2011
  • Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility
    RFC 10003 (PDF 120 KB)
    Subject: EPA Coal Combustion Products Partnerships Web site
    Email dated 07/01/10; received 07/01/10
    EPA Response to RFC (PDF 64KB); issued 02/16/2011

    RFR 10003A (PDF 3.36MB)
    Letter dated 03/23/11; received 03/29/11
    EPA Response to RFR (PDF 188KB); issued 01/03/2012

  • American Chemistry Council
    RFC 10001 (PDF 262 KB)
    Subject: EPA’s Action Plan for Phthalate Esters
    Email dated 05/10/10; received 05/10/10
    EPA Response to RFC (PDF 1.67 MB); issued 03/14/2012

  • National Association of Manufacturers
    RFC 09002 (PDF 85 KB)
    Subject: Final Integrated Science Assessment for NO2
    Email dated 06/02/09; received 06/03/09
    EPA Response to RFC (PDF 160KB); issued 08/19/2009

    RFR 09002A (PDF 63KB)
    Letter dated 11/17/09; received 11/17/09
    EPA Response to RFR (PDF 1150KB); issued 05/19/2010

  • The Center for Regulatory Effectiveness
    RFC 08004 (PDF 156 KB)
    Subject: The Amphibian Metamorphosis Assay
    Email dated 07/10/08; received 07/10/08
    EPA Response to RFC (PDF 750KB); issued 10/21/2008

RFR 08002A (PDF 890KB)
Letter dated 11/08/08; received 11/10/08
EPA Related Correspondence (PDF 466KB); from 11/12/2008 - 12/09/2008

Acknowledged as an RFR (PDF 33 KB) on 12/09/2008

EPA Response to RFR (PDF 94MB); issued 01/15/2009

  • Muskego Site Groundwater Remediation Group
    RFC 07003 (PDF 384KB) RFC Attachment (ZIP 4,920KB). Free ZIP reader. Exit Disclaimer
    Subject: Vinyl Chloride Foot Print Estimate Maps
    Letter dated 07/31/07; received 08/01/07
    EPA Response to RFC (PDF 105KB); issued 01/28/2008
  • RFR 07003A (PDF 656MB)
    Letter dated 04/14/2009; received 04/15/2009
    – Notification of receipt sent to requestor on 04/15/2009
    EPA Response to RFR (PDF 111KB); issued 11/09/2009
  • Greenberg Traurig LLP
    RFC 06005 (PDF 106KB) Subject: Underground Injection Rule
    Letter dated 03/06/2006; received 03/07/06
    EPA Response to RFC (PDF 82KB); issued 08/21/2006
  • National Association of Home Builders
    RFC 06004 (PDF 122KB) Subject: Storm Water Enforcement and Compliance: Construction Presentation
    Letter dated 02/03/06; received 02/13/06
    EPA Response to RFC (PDF 324KB); issued 12/15/2006

    RFR 06004A (PDF 128KB)
    Letter dated 03/14/07; received 03/14/07
    EPA Response to RFR (PDF 189KB); issued 06/06/2008

  • Sterling Chemicals, Inc.
    RFC 06003 (PDF 1730KB) Subject: The Enforcement and Compliance History Online database
    Letter dated 11/03/2005; received 11/08/2005
    EPA Response to RFC (PDF 3225KB); issued 09/28/2007
  • Jefferson County Commission
    RFC 06002 (PDF 271KB) Subject: 2002 EPA report on biological and water quality studies of the Cahaba River
    Letter dated 10/26/2005; received 11/03/2005
    EPA Related Correspondence (PDF 111KB); 07/25/2006

    EPA Response to RFC (PDF 421KB); issued 08/25/2006

  • Wood Preservative Science Council
    RFC 06001 (PDF 313KB) Subject: Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Coatings in Reducing Dislodgeable Arsenic, Chromium, and Copper from CCA Treated Wood Interim Data Report (May 2005)
    Letter dated 10/17/2005; received 10/17/2005
    EPA Response to RFC (PDF 1106KB); issued 04/12/2006
  • Wood Preservative Science Council
    RFC 05007 (PDF 294KB) Subject: Toxicological Review of Inorganic Arsenic in Support of Summary Information
    on the Integrated Risk Information System
    (July 2005)
    Letter dated 09/02/2005; received 09/02/2005
    EPA Response to RFC (PDF 67KB); issued 02/06/2006
  • Washington Legal Foundation and the American Council on Science and Health
    RFC 05006 (PDF 114KB) Subject: Guidelines for Carcinogen Risk Assessment (March 2005)
    Letter dated 08/23/2005; received 08/26/2005
    EPA Response to RFC (PDF 40KB); issued 02/24/2006

    RFR 05006A (PDF 392KB)
    Letter dated 03/21/2006; received 03/29/2006
    EPA Response to RFR (PDF 233KB); issued 09/05/2006

  • Foley & Lardner, LLP and the Cement Kiln Recycling Coalition
    RFC 05005 (PDF 47KB) Subject: U.S. EPA’s Inventory of Sources and Environmental Releases
    of Dioxin-Like Compounds in the U.S.: Year 2000 Update (External Review Draft, March 2005)

    Letter dated 06/30/2005; received 07/05/2005
    Requestor's RFC Withdrawal (PDF 33KB); letter dated 09/26/05; received 09/27/05
    EPA Response to Withdrawal (PDF 88KB); issued 10/03/2005
  • Metam Sodium Alliance
    RFC 05004 (PDF 69KB) Subject: Human Health Risk Assessment: Metam Sodium
    Letter dated 06/24/2005; received 06/24/2005
    EPA Response to RFC (PDF 32KB); issued 07/11/2005

    RFR 05004A (PDF 26KB)
    Letter dated 10/11/2005; received 10/11/2005
    EPA Response to RFR (PDF 306KB); issued 10/12/2006

  • MAA Research Task Force
    RFC 05003 (PDF 66KB) Subject: PPRTV Derivation Support Document for Cacodylic Acid
    Letter dated 03/08/2005; received 03/15/2005
    EPA Response to RFC (PDF 38KB); issued 10/06/2005
  • American Chemistry Council
    RFC 05002 (PDF 305KB) Subject: Isopropyl alcohol listing on the Toxics Release Inventory (TRI)
    Letter dated 02/24/2005 received 03/04/2005
    EPA Response to RFC (PDF 303KB); issued 06/22/2005
  • Private Citizen
    RFC 05001 (PDF 49KB) Subject: Atrazine re-registration.
    Letter dated 01/10/2005 received via e-mail 01/12/2005
    EPA Response to RFC (PDF 251KB); issued 07/07/2005
  • Geronimo Creek Observatory
    RFC 04024 (PDF 39KB) Subject: Ozone and nitrogen oxide information on the EPA Urban Air Web page.
    Received 09/08/2004
    EPA Response to RFC (PDF 277KB); issued 03/10/2005
  • National Association of Home Builders
    RFC 04022
    (PDF 546KB) Subject: Fact sheet concerning "US vs Wal-Mart Stores."
    Received 07/09/2004
    EPA Response to RFC (PDF 125KB); issued 12/22/2004
  • National Paint and Coatings Association and Sherwin-Williams Company
    RFC 04020 (PDF 4207KB) Subject: Ozone Transport Commission Model Rule for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) for Architectural and Industrial Maintenance (AIM) Coatings.
    Received 06/02/2004
    EPA Response to RFC (PDF 51KB); issued 02/25/2005
    Third Party Correspondence

    RFR 04020A (PDF 42KB)
    Letter dated 05/26/2005 received via e-mail 05/27/2005

    EPA Response to RFR (PDF 179KB); issued 12/21/2005
  • Geronimo Creek Observatory
    RFC 04018 (PDF 23KB) Subject: Designation and classification of areas for the 8-Hour Ozone National Ambient Air Quality Standard.
    Received 05/24/2004
    EPA Response to RFC (PDF 409KB); issued 09/21/2004
  • National Multi Council Housing, et. al.
    RFC 04017 (PDF 181KB) Subject: Information on Ratio Utility Billing Systems (RUBS) and other allocation billing systems in the draft memorandum "Applicability of Safe Drinking Water Act to Submetered Properties".
    Received 03/11/2004
    EPA Response to RFC (PDF 27KB); issued 08/05/2004

    RFR 04017A (PDF 23KB)
    Received 11/09/2004
    EPA Response to RFR (PDF 164 KB); issued 09/28/2005
  • Center for Regulatory Effectiveness and ACC Phthalate Esters Panel
    RFC 13166 (PDF 193KB) Subject: EPA technical review of diisononyl phthalate (DINP) and EPA's proposal to add a DINP category to the list of chemicals subject to reporting under section 313 of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act.
    Received 10/20/2003
    EPA Response to RFC (PDF 110KB); issued
  • Geronimo Creek Observatory
    RFC 12989 (PDF 60KB) Subject: EPA report "2002 Latest Findings on National Air Quality"
    Received 10/03/2003
    EPA Response to RFC (PDF 269KB); issued 03/08/2004
  • Geronimo Creek Observatory
    RFC 12856
    (PDF 41KB) Subject: Data collected from an Air Monitoring Site in San Antonio, Texas in 2002.
    Received 09/25/2003
    EPA Response to RFC (PDF 1150KB); issued 01/12/2004
  • Morgan, Lewis & Bockius
    RFC 12467
    (PDF 1,160KB) Subject: "Guidance for Preventing Asbestos Disease Among Auto Mechanics," (otherwise known as the "Gold Book")
    Received 08/19/2003
    EPA Response to RFC (PDF 70KB); issued 11/24/2003
    EPA Follow-Up to RFC (PDF 530KB); issued 08/17/2006
  • Friends of the Massachusetts Military Reservation
    RFC 11702 (24 PDF) Subject: Advisory levels for perchlorate.
    Received 07/05/2003
    EPA Response to RFC (PDF 113KB); issued 02/23/2004
  • Private Citizen
    RFC 9199
    (PDF 26KB) Subject: Carcinogenicity of perchlorate.
    Received 03/14/2003
    EPA Response to RFC (PDF 228KB); issued
  • Senator Jim Jeffords, Senator Paul Sarbanes, Senator Barbara Boxer and Senator Frank Lautenberg
    RFC 8600
    (PDF 1053KB) Subject: Proposed rule entitled, “Modification of National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit Deadline for Storm Water Discharges for Oil and Gas Construction Activity that Disturbs One to Five Acres of Land"
    Received 03/07/2003
    EPA Response to RFC (PDF 501KB); issued 06/13/2003
  • BMW Manufacturing Corp, SC
    RFC 7421
    (PDF 774KB) Subject: Enforcement and Compliance History On-line (ECHO) and Sector Facility Indexing Project
    Received 02/11/2003
    EPA Response to RFC (PDF 402KB); issued 08/27/2003

    RFR 7421A (PDF 1,100KB)
    EPA Response to RFR (PDF 32KB); issued 05/13/2004
  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce
    RFC 4301
    (PDF 113KB) Subject: Minutes of an October 2002 meeting of the Executive Committee of the Science Advisory Board.
    Received 12/17/2002
    EPA Response to RFC (PDF 259KB); issued 03/05/2003
  • Center for Regulatory Effectiveness; Kansas Corn Growers Association and the Triazine Network
    RFC 2807
    (PDF 671KB) Subject: April 22, 2002 preliminary Environmental Risk Assessment for Atrazine
    Received 11/25/2002
    EPA Response to RFC (PDF 167KB); issued 03/23/2003
  • Ohio EPA
    RFC 2215
    (PDF 20KB) Subject: EPA document: Alternative Control Techniques Document: Surface Coating of Automotive/Transportation and Business Machine Plastic Parts, EPA-453/R-94-017, February 1994.
    Received 10/21/2002
    EPA Response to RFC (PDF 65KB); issued 12/04/2002
  • Ohio EPA
    RFC 2214 (PDF 19KB) Subject: Request for Adobe Acrobat versions of two documents.
    Received 10/21/2002
    EPA Response to RFC (PDF 63KB); issued 12/04/2002

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