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Grants & Funding

Contact Information

State & Tribal Programs Branch

Branch Chief Deborah Baltazar (baltazar.debbie@epa.gov)

U.S. EPA Region 5
77 W. Jackson Blvd.
Mail Code WS-15J
Chicago, IL 60604-3590
fax: 312-886-0168

National Water Information

Performance Partnership Grants

These Region 5 States have Performance Partnership Grants (PPGs):

Ohio and Michigan continue to prepare individual program plans.

Under a PPG, States can achieve cost and administrative savings through reductions in paperwork and simplified accounting requirements. In addition, States can negotiate work plans with EPA that direct Federal funds where they are needed most to address environmental and public health problems. States can also try new multi-media approaches and initiatives such as; children's health protection programs, multi-media inspections, compliance assistance programs, and ecosystem management, that were difficult to fund under traditional categorical grants.

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Environmental Performance Partnership Agreements (EnPPAs)

These Region 5 States are involved in the Environmental Performance Partnership Agreement (EnPPA) process:

Ohio and Michigan continue to prepare individual program plans.

EnPPAs are an innovation that provides greater discretion to states to identify and address critical environmental issues. The purpose of the Performance Partnership Agreement is to set forth the mutual understandings reached between the State and U.S. EPA. One of the principal mechanisms for building more effective State-EPA partnerships and improving environmental conditions is EPA's authority to award Performance Partnership Grants (PPGs). Under the PPG authority, States can now combine up to sixteen individual environmental program grants into a single PPG. (Note: Tribal agencies are also eligible to receive PPGs.)

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