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EPA Underground Injection Control (UIC) Technical Workgroup State Membership

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FROM: Stephen F. Heare, Director /s/ 4/27/06
Drinking Water Protection Division (4606M)
TO: Water Management Division Directors
EPA Regions I-X
SUBJECT: State Representation on the UIC Technical Workgroup

      I wish to first thank you for continued support of your Regional UIC representative's participation in the work of the UIC National Technical Workgroup (NTW). There are several important issue papers that the group is currently making progress on, which will provide important technical guidance for both the DI and State Primacy UIC programs on critical issues.

      In January, the NTW completed its review of the 13 submitted nominations to serve as state representatives on this group. Building on the success of the past few years since we admitted four (4) state members to the group, the new Charter expanded the number of state members and now allows six (6) state members to serve on this group. Based on recommendations from the workgroup, and criteria outlined in the Charter, which focus on UIC program expertise, technical background, and geographic diversity, I am pleased to announce that the following 6 candidates were selected to serve on the workgroup for the next two years:

      Both the Regions and the Ground Water Protection Council (GWPC) nominated high caliber professionals with extensive program experience. In choosing these six new members, we trust that we have struck a balance among the candidates considering their expertise, background in the UIC program, and geographic diversity. We are looking forward to their contributions and technical guidance on UIC issues that the NTW is asked to address. If you have any questions, please call me at (202)564-3751, or contact me by email at Steve Heare (heare.steve@epa.gov).

Cc: Cynthia Dougherty, Director OGWDW
UIC NTW Members
Michel Paque, Executive Director GWPC
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