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Technical Information, Forms and Sample Documents

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Technical Information

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Forms and Sample Documents

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UIC National Technical Workgroup

Mission Statement: The National Technical Workgroup (NTW) strives to promote consistent implementation of applicable UIC programs by providing open communication in the exchange of technical and programmatic information and ideas. The NTW envisions a process that identifies existing and potential technical problems and develops proposed solutions to those problems in a sound scientific manner through the involvement of the NTW and interested or affected parties. This process fosters the continued education of and by NTW members through open communication and exchange of technical and programmatic information. An effective NTW results in more consistent implementation of all applicable UIC programs.

Purpose: The NTW provides a forum whereby technical issues relating specifically to the UIC Program can be discussed, reviewed and resolved by UIC program experts. The NTW provides an avenue for open dialogue, communication, and coordination between EPA and State representatives concerning technical matters related to underground injection as defined in the Safe Drinking Water Act (42 USC 6A, Part C).

Current projects

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.


Final Issue Papers
Feb. 5, 2015 Minimizing and Managing Potential Impacts of Injection-Induced Seismicity from Class II Disposal Wells: Practical Approaches (PDF) (415 pp, 13 MB)
Jan. 19, 2007 Drinking Water Treatment Residual Injection Wells Technical Recommendations PDF (72 pp, 473 K)
July 12, 2006 National Technical Workgroup Products "Annular injection of drilling wastes into production wells" and "Does a fixed radius area of review meet the statutory and regulatory requirements of being protective of USDWs under 144.12?" PDF (2 pp, 81 K)
Feb. 11, 2005 Injection Well Plugging and Abandonment (P&A) Checklist (PDF) (10 pp, 128 K)
Nov. 5, 2004 Does a Fixed Radius Area of Review meet the statutory mandate and regulatory requirements of being protective of USDWs under 40 CFR §144.12? (PDF) (7 pp, 73 K)
Aug. 3, 2004/June 23, 2005 Annular Disposal of RCRA exempt wastes into oil and gas exploration and production (E&P) wells within the regulatory scope of the Underground Injection Control (UIC) program (PDF) (7 pp, 177 K) (Amended to remove erroneous citation; final recommendation unchanged.)
Jan. 27, 1999 Cementing Requirements
Dec. 15, 1998 Annulus Additives
Aug. 17, 1998 Naturally Occuring Radioactive Material (NORM) Waste electronic version of transmittal only
Aug. 17, 1998 Naturally Occuring Radioactive Material (NORM) Waste:
Transmittal letter from NTW to EPA Headquarters
Issue #4 NTW Cover Sheet PDF (1 p, 50 K)
Issue #4 Memorandum (2 pp, 140 K)
Assessment of Potential Technical and Regulatory Issues Relating to Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) in Class II Wells (84 pp, 5.7 MB)
Department of Energy Bibliography of Reports, Papers, and Presentations On Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) in Petroleum Industry Wastes (26 pp, 2.0 MB)
July 30, 1998 Deep Class V Wells
Mar. 17, 1998 Area of Review Methods
Feb. 26, 1998 Fracture Slurry Injection (PDF) (16 pp, 569 K)

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UIC Branch Technical Guidance Documents for Deep Wells

The Region 5 UIC Branch has prepared guidance documents to assist owners and operators of injection wells in Region 5 to maintain compliance with the UIC regulations and conditions of their permits. They are listed here.

Number Title Date
1 Casing and Cementing Policy for Substandard Class II Injection Wells June 20, 1986
2 Financial Responsibility for Class II Injection Wells June 17, 1987
3 Determination of Underground Sources of Drinking Water (USDWs) February 5, 1987
4 Plugging and Abandonment Of Class I - V Wells December 22, 1994
5 Determination of the Mechanical Integrity of Injection Wells February 2008.
6 Ambient Pressure Monitoring Draft Revision
Ambient Pressure Monitoring
April 1998
November 20, 1990
7 Determination of Maximum Injection Pressure for Class I Wells December 22, 1994
8 Preparing a Waste Analysis Plan at Class I Injection Well Facilities January 21, 1994
Region V Guidelines for Class I Well Monitoring Plans October 1989
Supplemental Guidelines for Plans and Operations of Monitoring Wells at Class I Injection Well Facilities February 28, 1991
"Field Rules": Fracture Pressure Gradient Values for Certain Oil Fields in Michigan 1992, 1993
Downloadable Permit Application and Permit Renewal Documents

Information Sheet for Owner/Operators of Class 1HW Injection Wells Who Are Submitting Simultaneous Applications for Permit and Exemptions to the RCRA Land Ban PDF (55 pp, 161K) July 2006


Guidance No. 6 is currently under revision. If you would like to read the draft version, please click here. Your comments are appreciated.

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UIC Branch Technical Guidance Documents for Shallow Wells

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UIC Materials on the US EPA Drinking Water Academy website

Underground Injection Control Program training documents

Example Permit Application & Other Permit Documents

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Sample UIC Financial Forms

The UIC Program has prepared sample documents to make it simpler for applicants and permittees to meet certain requirements. You may view or download an Adobe PDF version and fill it in on a typewriter or you may download either a WordPerfect or Microsoft Word version of these files and complete them on your computer. (More recent versions of word processing software should have no problem reading these files saved using the older releases.) The financial forms are samples: comparable wording is usually acceptable. Forms will be added as they become available.

In addition, a simple discussion of the different types of financial mechanisms and their requirements is available.

  1. Amendment to Standby Trust Agreement (PDF) (1 pg 10 K)
  2. Amendment to Trust Agreement (PDF) (1 pg 27 K)
  3. Auditor's Verification of Chief Financial Officer's Letter (PDF) (1 pg 7 K)
  4. Chief Financial Officer's Letter for Class I Wells (PDF) (2 pp, 13 K)
  5. Chief Financial Officer's Letter for Class II Wells (PDF) (3 pp, 14 K)
  6. Form VII-10 (PDF) (for Blanket Bond Coverage) (1 pp, 55 K)
  7. Irrevocable Standby Letter of Credit (PDF) (2 pp, 31 K)
  8. Letter Requesting Use of Michigan State Bond (PDF) (1 pg 13 K)
  9. Standby Trust Agreement (PDF) (9 pp, 86 K)
  10. Surety Performance Bond (PDF) (4 pp, 37K)
  11. Trust Agreement (PDF) (9 pp, 23 K)
  12. Plugging and Abandonment Cost Estimate Worksheet PDF (3 pp, 29 K)
    Also available in Microsoft Excel format cost_estimate_worksheet.xls (40K)

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Class V Forms

Inventory Information

If you have a Class V well, it is your responsibility to submit inventory information. We have prepared an inventory sheet with instructions to make it simpler for well owners and operators. You may download either a WordPerfect Version 5 or Word97 version of these files or view them onscreen. (More recent versions of word processing software should have no problem reading these files saved using the older releases.)

Pre-Closure Information

Note: Owners/Operators must submit Pre-Closure Notification forms before closing a Motor Vehicle Waste Disposal Well.

See Closure Guidelines for Facilities with Motor Vehicle Waste Disposal Wells (PDF) (2pp, 11K) for more information.

Some Class V wells will require a permit. In these cases, the owner/operator must submit a permit application.

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Sample Monitoring Reports and Other Forms

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