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Water Quality Monitoring

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Water Quality Monitoring is an essential part of our environmental protection and restoration. Most of the information used by EPA to manage water quality is collected and assessed by States and Tribes. Some research is undertaken by Federal and non-governmental organizations. The following information is specific to Region 5.

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Water quality monitoring studies, workplans and activities

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All of the States in Region 5 have volunteer monitoring programs. In many cases, the data are collected using specific quality assurance/quality control techniques that allow the states to use this valuable data in water quality assessment reports.

Region 5 is working in a number of areas to provide additional support for States and local organizations interested to provide data on water resources. For more information on Region 5's volunteer water monitoring activities, contact Pete Jackson (jackson.peter@epa.gov). Below you will find links to volunteer programs in your state. Information about your specific watershed can be found by using EPA’s Surf Your Watershed site.

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