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Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment and Federal Guidance Programs:  



The CAP88 (Clean Air Act Assessment Package - 1988) computer model is a set of computer programs, databases and associated utility programs for estimating dose and risk from radionuclide emissions to air. It is used as a regulatory compliance tool by EPA under the National Emissions Standard for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP).

In Version 4, users will find three significant changes:

EPA is offering two training classes to familiarize users with the recently released Version 4.

On this page:

Course 1: Introduction to CAP88 PC Version 4

Intended Audience: New Users, Experienced User Refresher

This first class introduces the CAP88 code, including what it does, how it does it, the models and equations used behind the scenes, how and where to download, install, and run the code, the file types and where the files would be located, etc.

Course Contents:

1. Introduction and Background (PDF) (8 pp, 191 K About PDF)
1.1 Purpose of CAP88 (What does it do?)
1.2 History of CAP88
1.3 Limitations of CAP88 (What doesn’t it do?)

2. Model, Methods, and Equations (PDF) (44 pp, 2.79 MB About PDF)
2.1 Air Transport of Radionuclides
2.2 Calculation of Radionuclide Concentrations in Media
2.3 Calculation of Dose and Risk to Individual Receptors
2.4 Calculation of Dose and Risk to Populations

3. Downloading, Installing, and Running CAP88 (PDF)(41 pp, 951 K About PDF)
3.1 Downloading CAP88
3.2 Installing CAP88
3.3 Running CAP88

4. Summary (PDF) (3 pp, 168 K About PDF)

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Course 2: CAP88 PC Version 4 Advanced Topics

Intended Audience:Experienced Users

This second course on CAP88 PC Version 4 includes topics such as overviews of the new file structure, differences between the current and previous versions, how to correctly interpret output reports and error logs, how to modify input files (including population files), and a more detailed explanation of the limitations of the CAP88.

Course Contents:

1. Introduction and Background (PDF) (6 pp, 179 K About PDF)

2. Changes in Version 4 (PDF) (24 pp, 1.14 MB About PDF)
2.1 New File Structures
2.2 Changes in the Model and Methods

3. Limitations of Version 4 (PDF) (4 pp, 175 K About PDF)

4. Interpreting and Using Output Reports and Error Logs (PDF) (19 pp, 1.16 MB About PDF)
4.1 Output Reports
4.2 Error Logs

5. Modifying Inputs and Input Files (PDF) (20 pp, 589 K About PDF)
5.1 Output Reports

6. Summary (PDF) (5 pp, 174 K About PDF)

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