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Radiation Protection at EPA

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EPA's Radiation Protection Program protects people and the environment from potentially harmful amounts of radioactivity in all media-air, water and in soil. As a result, its mission crosses organizational boundaries throughout the Agency.

The information below shows its location within the Agency:

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EPA's Office of Radiation and Indoor Air, or simply ORIA, is the organizational home of the Agency's Radiation Protection Program. Most radiation protection responsibilities are carried out by staff in ORIA's Radiation Protection Division, its National Analytical Radiation Environmental Laboratory (NAREL) and its National Center for Radiation Field Operations (NCRFO). ORIA's Indoor Environments Division, addresses radon in buildings.

ORIA is part of the broader Office of Air and Radiation, which is headed by one of nine Assistant Administrators in the Agency. We primarily work with two other offices at the Assistant Administrator level on radiation protection issues:

We also assist and coordinate with the Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance.

In addition, ORIA supports EPA's ten regional offices on radiation protection issues. Regional radiation protection staff provides technical assistance to regional Superfund and Federal Facility Programs on radiation contaminated site cleanup, emergency response, and radionuclide National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants.

ORIA provides guidance and training to other federal agencies, the states and federally recognized tribes. We also work closely with international organizations.


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