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Nano Technology and Radiation Cleanup

The application of nanotechnology or nano-enabled processes to remediate waste sites has the potential to provide more rapid, cost-effective cleanup than do conventional approaches. For the purposes of this document, Nano-Enabled Environmental Applications for Radionuclides, the phrase,"nano-enabled technologies and/or processes," refers to the use and incorporation of nano systems, i.e., tools, materials, functions, scales, etc.

This document is the first in a series of reports on the use of nanotechnology in the cleanup of materials contaminated with radionuclides. It reviews existing information on some of the nano materials, processes, and technologies potentially applicable to cleaning up radiation-contaminated materials. It represents a snapshot of some lessons learned about nano-science and engineering over the last 5-10 years. It also points out some potential environmental concerns and health implications. EPA has developed this document to assist decision makers who are considering the use of nano-enabled technologies for cleaning up environmental contaminants.

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

Potential Nano-Enabled Environmental Applications for Radionuclides

Entire Document "Potential Nano-Enabled Environmental Applications for Radionuclides [EPA 402-R-09-002], January 2009

Executive Summary(2 pp, 85 K)

Chapter 1: Introduction(29 pp, 199 K)

Chapter 2: Nano-Enabled Remediation Technologies including(2 pp, 96 K)

Chapter 3: Nano-Enabled Sensor Technologies including (5 pp, 112 K)

Chapter 4: Observations and Conclusions (3 pp, 87 K)

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