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Radiation Emergencies
Emergency Response:

Establishing the Federal Radiological Monitoring & Assessment Center

Ready to Respond

Understanding the extent and nature of a radiological emergency is essential for limiting its effects. In an emergency, the Department of Energy and EPA would establish a Federal Radiological Monitoring and Assessment Center to define and monitor the radiological impact of an emergency. EPA would assume the long-term leadership of the center after the emergency phase of an accident. Information gathered and interpreted by the FRMAC would be used by the Lead Federal Agency along with EPA's health protection guidelines to recommend actions to the State for protecting public health and the environment.

Because the effects of radiological contamination may last beyond the immediate emergency, long-term environmental monitoring and assessment is necessary. EPA coordinates Federal, State and local radiological monitoring, assessment, evaluation, and reporting activities for the area surrounding the incident, including planning for a long-term environmental monitoring program.

EPA also plans for decontamination and recovery of the area. Through EPA's Superfund program, the Agency assists in cleanup actions not covered by American Nuclear Insurers, the Department of Defense, or the Department of Energy.

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